» week eleven contact sheets

week eleven contact sheets

The Story / The Concept: I wanted to take a fitness model and soften her and put her in a traditional Glamour scene, let her be sexy in a very feminine way. I think it really came out cool, I love the sublet undertones of strength from Marilyn yet the very sexy look and feel of the shoot rang true.

Lighting: I lit this with one 72×42 inch scrim from camera right using two strobe heads behind the scrim. The ambient light in the room and the excess strobe bouncing around acted as fill.

Camera Settings / Meta Data: Exposure: F3.5 @ 1/60, focal length 145mm, ISO 100, exposure mode manual, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, lens EF 70-200 mm f/2.8. The data here is from a typical image from the shoot.

Basic Lighting / Metering: The light from the strobes thru the scrim and the ambient light was adjusted to meter at F4@1/60. The fill light was really the ambient light in the room which metered at F2@1/60.  The camera was set at F3.5@1/60.

Time of Day:  1PM    Conditions: indoors    Location: Austin, Tx

Model: Marilyn B Misc Data: Makeup by Jessica Wright, the wardrobe was provided by the model, The location was free. This was a TFP shoot from both the MU and Model.

Total Cost: $0.00, This was a TFP shoot from both the MU and Model.

Additional details and information contained in the newsletter.