» week fourteen contact sheets

week fourteen contact sheets

The Story / The Concept: I wanted to create a set of images that would be perfect for an advertisement or an editorial layout in a fashion magazine. An introduction to a jewelry designer Gay Isber, was the impetuous to move forward with the idea.

Lighting: This was lit with two strobes, one had a 48 inch umbrella on it and the other a 36 inch strip light. The umbrella lit the side of her body and the background, the strip light was used to light the jewelry and act as a fill on her body.

Camera Settings / Meta Data: Exposure: F8 @ 1/80, focal length 135mm, ISO 100, exposure mode manual, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, lens EF 35-350 mm f/3.5L. The data here is from a typical image from the shoot.

Basic Lighting / Metering: Each light metered at F8@1/80. The ambient light in the room was about 4 stops under the camera setting.

Time of Day:  4PM    Conditions: indoors    Location: Austin, Tx

Model: Luana Lani Misc Data: Body paint I did, the jewelry was provided by the Gay Isber. The location was free. This was a TFP shoot.

Total Cost: $21.00, I purchased materials to paint her.

Additional details and information contained in the newsletter.