» week fourteen final images

week fourteen final images


I wanted to create a set of images that would be perfect for an advertisement or an editorial layout in a fashion magazine. A fellow photographer introduced me to a jewelry designer Gay Isber, she does the most interesting and dynamic work. I knew the time had come to produce the advertisement images I had been thinking of.

The concept was very simple…. famous last words. I wanted to body paint the model flat black and shoot her on black, allowing the pieces to be the only color in the images.

I already own an airbrush but had never used it but once so I was like how hard can it be to paint some one one flat color? Well after 4 hours of testing and playing I set out to do this. Three hours later I had only successfully painted her back and the back of her legs. So now the challenge was to hold detail in both the very reflective silver jewelry and the flat black of her body. I also wanted to have separation between her and the background.

I was pleased with the results, it was exactly what I was looking for.

I have to thank Luana Lani for being so incredible patient to stand around for the endless hours while I learned to be a failure as a body painter!

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