» week seven contact sheets

week seven contact sheets

week seven contact sheets

The Story / The Concept: I made a deal to shoot images for Gypse Couture for free in exchange for the rights to use the shoot in my project. So I had to shoot these images for a specific purpose, meaning I had to show the clothes, details and feel of the clothes.

Lighting: I had chosen a location that got us out of the wind and had interesting natural light but as the shoot progressed the shadows moved and became a problem so I ended the shoot using a scrim to remove the shadows.

Camera Settings / Meta Data: exposure: F2.8 @ 1/125, focal length 70-200, ISO 100, exposure mode manual, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, lens EF 70-200 mm f/2.8. The data here is from a typical image from the shoot.

Basic Lighting / Metering: The ambient light was the only light for shoot, I metered it by her face and got a reading of F3.5@1/320, I set the camera at F2.8@1/320 in order to slightly overexpose her and made the background as soft as possible.

Time of Day: 1 PM    Conditions: outdoors    Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Model: Daniella  Misc Data: Hair, makeup, by Wendy Doyle. Gypse Couture provide the clothes.

Total Cost: $0.00, This was a trade shoot, the location was free, wardrobe was provided by the client.

Additional details and information contained in the newsletter.