» week seven final images

week seven final images

week seven final images


I worked a deal with a fashion designer  Wendy Doyle at Gypse Couture http://www.etsy.com/shop/gypsecouture to shoot some images for her use in exchange for the chance to shoot her clothing and creations for the project.

The beauty of this was that she provided all the clothes, MU and location.

The day was very bright, chilly and very windy so I had to choose a spot that was sheltered in someway so I choose to shoot in a ravine that was a dry creek bed surrounded by trees. This worked well creating a nice mottled light that I liked at the beginning of the shoot but as the sun moved I was getting shadows that I really hated so I added a scrim to eliminate the shadows on the model and brighten the background.

Daniella was a stunning model to work with, not to mention Wendy Doyle’s clothes were simply stunning!

I have included all the details and the lighting diagram in the newsletter.

If you have any questions let me know. As always there is more discussion and detail in the newsletter, please sign up to receive that information.