» week six contact sheets

week six contact sheets

The Story / The Concept: I set out to very graphic fashion shoot, I was planning on using natural light and a battery powered strobe combination. I really did not do sufficient planning on the location and time of day. Originally I wanted the images to be against a wall of ivy, the location, time of day and position of the sun was not allowing me to shoot the image I had pictured so I switched to a more out of focus airy kinda of background and image concept. Sometimes you have to adapt your plan.

Lighting: She is backlit from the sun and a single battery powered raw strobe is lighting her face and front of her body which was all in shadow.

Camera Settings / Meta Data: exposure: F2.8 @ 1/200, focal length 80-140, ISO 100, exposure mode manual, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, lens EF 70-200 mm f/2.8. The data here is from a typical image from the shoot.

Basic Lighting / Metering: The rim light was metered to be F8 @ 1/200 placing it three stops over the camera setting of F2.8 @ 1/200. The combined ambient and strobe meter reading was F4@ 1/200.

Time of Day: 2 PM    Conditions: outdoors    Location: Austin, Tx

Model: Casey Cody  Misc Data: Hair, makeup, by Casey. I had the dress.

Total Cost: $0.00, This was a TFP shoot, the location was free, wardrobe was mine, she did her own makeup.

Additional details and information contained in the newsletter.