» week ten contact sheets

week ten contact sheets

The Story / The Concept: My goal was to do a twist on the hipster girl and add a gritty feel. Plus the addition of the rifle to really throw things and make the viewer think.

Lighting: Casey was lit with a single strobe directly into her face just off the cameras angle of view. This filled all the shadows on her creating shadowless light. The sun created a rim light around her since she was back lit.

Camera Settings / Meta Data: Exposure: F4 @ 1/250, focal length 125mm, ISO 100, exposure mode manual, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, lens EF 70-200 mm f/2.8. The data here is from a typical image from the shoot.

Basic Lighting / Metering: The light from the strobe and the ambient light was adjusted to meter at F4@1/250. The rim light from the sun was metered at F8@1/250.  The camera was set at F4@1/250.

Time of Day:  1PM    Conditions: outdoors, full sun    Location: Austin, Tx

Model: Casey Cody Misc Data: Makeup by Casey, some of the wardrobe was mine and some Caseys.

Total Cost: aprox $0.00, This was a trade shoot, the location was free. .

Additional details and information contained in the newsletter.