» week six final images

week six final images


This shoot is the result of my not doing the correct amount of pre planning. I set out to do a shoot that was all about contrasting the blonde model and white dress against a dark green leafy ivy wall. I pretty much just thought I could walk out and knock this out anytime of the day… here I learn humility. The reality of the light at the time of day made my concept impossible.

had to punt and save the shoot on the fly. This is very real life, I can’t turn to a client and say sorry can’t do this right now. I am required to get the images needed. So I made the decision to scrap the first concept and do a very pretty soft airy feel, blurring the background as to make the location unrecognizable.

This was accomplished by using a very wide aperture and a long lens coupled by over exposing the background and the rim light from the sun.

In the end I loved the images and Casey is a stunning model and person to work with. I hope to shoot her again and this time I will be on my A game because a model like her deserves every photographers very best work.

I have included all the details and the lighting diagram in the newsletter.

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