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about the project

The Challenge: Do 52 shoots for under $50 a shoot. This includes everything: model fees, location fees, hair, makeup, and wardrobe for the shoot production. The only thing not included is post processing because most photographers do their own retouching at no cost.

The Rules: I can use any of my existing equipment. If I need to use some special equipment, then the  cost of  that equipment comes out of the $50. I can do trade shoots with models. The cost of locations, equipment rental, makeup artist fees, etc., can be spread over several shoots so long as the average does not exceed the $50 limit.

The Output: I will post all the data with details on how I pulled it off, or in case of failure what went wrong. I intend to include behind the scenes shots of the actual lighting setups I use. I’ll post all the images from the shoot so you can see all the different things, angles and ideas I tried. Separately, I will also post the edited, final, retouched, ready-to-deliver images so you can see the net result. I think this will give everyone the best overall view of the process.

My Goal: I want this to be as transparent as possible, so if you think I need to add something or explain something better, let me know. I want to prove that with planning, thought and some deal making you can shoot for very little money and still produce stunning images.

Please Note: Most of the shoots for this project do not have nudity, some shoots will include tasteful nudity. If they do they will be labeled “THIS INCLUDES NUDITY”. I will be producing shoots that fall into several genres: fashion, glamour, art nudes, portrait and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I really would love feedback all along the way. Please share this with anyone you think may be interested.

Thank You,

Mark Daughn